Project Description

28 meters high lifting platform High-altitude Operation Truck

Product Description

[Main technical parameters]
Total mass (Kg) 11050
Service quality (Kg) 10855
Dimensions (mm) 10100x2500x3800
Carriage size (mm) × ×
Number of riders in the cab (person) 3
Approach angle / departure angle (°) 20/10, 20/12
Front suspension/rear suspension (mm)1430/2860,1430/2560
Number of axes 2
Wheelbase (mm)4700,5000
Axial load (Kg) 4030/7020
The maximum speed (Km/h) 90
Others: The car is 400mm forward, 710mm rear extension; rear suspension (mm) 2860, 2560 and the wheelbase (mm) 4700,5000 one for one. Protective material: Q235A carbon steel, connection method: the left and right sides and the lower and lower parts of the protection are welded connection, the rear protection section size (mm): 100 × 50, the rear protection from the ground (mm): 495.

[chassis technical parameters]
Dimensions (mm)8290,8790×2370×2760
Number of tires 6
Approach angle / departure angle (°): 20/11
Tire specifications: 9.00-20, 9.00R20, 255/70R22.5
Number of leaf springs: 7/9+6, 8/10+8
Front track (mm): 1880, 1924
Rear track (mm): 1800
Fuel Type: Diesel
Emission standard: euro IV
Engine Model: ISDe180 40
Engine manufacturer: Dongfeng Cummins Engine Co., Ltd.
Displacement (ml):4500
Power (Kw): 132

22m hook lift truck1.JPG22m hook lift truck2.JPG22m hook lift truck3.JPG22m hook lift truck4.JPG22m hook lift truck5.JPG22m hook lift truck6.JPG22m hook lift truck7.JPG22m hook lift truck8.JPG22m hook lift truck9.JPG22m hook lift truck10.JPG 

28m Aerial Work Truck Top Loading Function

Boom form: two folding arms
Lower arm angulation angle: 0°-70° (relative to horizontal plane)
Material thickness: 4mm
Upper arm undulation angle: 0°-70° (relative to horizontal plane)
Boom section: quadrilateral
Operating range: Maximum working radius: 6.5m; working height at maximum working radius 8.2m
Working height: maximum working height: 13.5m; operating radius at maximum working height 3.8m
Rotation: ±360° continuous
Lifting mass: 1000Kg
Hook: 1T
Maximum lifting capacity: 5.1m
Leg type: H-type legs
Outrigger span: longitudinal (mm): 2430; transverse (mm): before 1670 after 2780
Rated load: ≤200Kg
Hanging blue size: length X width X height (mm): 1080X620X1100
Leveling form: External lever mechanical leveling
Insurance belt: a pair
Gear pump displacement: 25ml/r
Cylinder: with cylinder lock function
Working pressure: 16MPa
Hydraulic valve: manual
Get on and off the interlock: Yes
Boom movement: double-bit operation of turntable and basket

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