Garbage trucks are divided into: compression garbage truck, skip loader garbage truck, dump garbage truck, swing arm type garbage truck, Ro on Ro off garbage truck, sealed garbage trucks, swing arm type garbage truck. Mainly includes: the east wind, changan series; Products are divided into: dongfeng bully-boy dump truck, dongfeng dolly Carla arm type garbage truck, dongfeng light truck compression garbage truck, dongfeng 140 gasoline swing arm type garbage truck, garbage truck dongfeng 145 type swing arm, dongfeng 153 compression garbage truck, changan miniature sealed garbage truck and so on. Garbage truck is mainly used in municipal sanitation and large factories and transport all kinds of rubbish, especially suitable for transportation community living garbage, and can be loaded garbage compression, crushing, its density, shrinkage, greatly improve the efficiency of garbage collection and transportation. New truck has reliable quality, low fault rate and easy maintenance, low operation cost etc.

According to the brand classification: dongfeng Garbage Truck, FAW garbage truck, FOTON Garbage Truck, JMC garbage truck, JAC Garbage truck, ISUZU Garbage Truck, Forland Garbage Truck and so on.

According to the classification models: Mini garbage trucks, small truck, medium truck, heavy truck, garbage truck, 4×2 garbage truck, 6×4 garbage truck, 8×4 garbage trucks, etc.

According to breed classification: Side loader garbage trucks, skip loader garbage trucks, compression garbage trucks, swing arm garbage trucks, container loader garbage trucks, skip container garbage trucks, etc

According to use classification: dump truck, the swing arm type (pit ground dual-purpose), garbage trucks, sealed garbage trucks, hang barrel type garbage truck, arm type garbage truck, compression type garbage truck, car detachable type garbage truck, after loading and unloading garbage truck, etc.

China garbage trucks factory

China garbage trucks factory