Configuration requirements for tool car:
1. The vehicle color is engineering yellow.
2. Complete vehicle with announcement.
3. Weichai has 130 horsepower, a 6-speed transmission, and three passengers.
4. One double door on the side and one door on the rear.
5. Make two layers of shelves with 12 cm barriers.
6. Equipped with a set of plunger pump hydraulic power system, equipped with three sets of hydraulic power take-off quick interfaces, with a control panel.
7. Install a hydraulic driven air compressor (model 1.05/12.5300L).
8. Equipped with a 12V electrically controlled crane capable of carrying 800 kg.
9. Install a set of 3500W inverter and electrified control box.
10. 3 lighting lamps.
11. Two 4-inch slurry pumps with 20-meter hydraulic pipe and 3-head sockets
12. 4-inch water hose and hydraulic pipe (with quick connect).