Brand:Compressed garbage truck

Custom processing:Yes

Model:Small garbage truck

Exterior color:white

Chassis model:EQ1070SJ3BDF

engine model:Yuchai 140 horsepower

Tank volume:6m³



Rated loading quality:3930,4730

Crew/seat number:3

Fuel type:Diesel oil

Fuel consumption per hundred kilometers:10L

rated power:103kw


Filling mouth size:standard

Filling mouth height:announcement

Casting entrance width:custom made

Maximum speed:120

Saleable land:Nationwide

Types of:Compression garbage truck

Dongfeng 6-square compression garbage truck adopts Dongfeng Xiaodolika (National VI emission) chassis, single-row cab, Chaochai 130 horsepower, Yunnei 126 horsepower engine, authentic National VI emission, Wanliyang 5-speed gearbox, 7.00R16 steel wire Tires, original direction assist, clutch assist, ABS anti-lock brake system, air brake, original air conditioner, electric glass. The Dongfeng 6-square compression garbage truck is composed of a sealed garbage compartment, hydraulic system, dual control system, diversified overturning mechanism, and operating system; the body material is high-quality Q345 manganese steel plate, thickness: 4 mm side and 4 mm bottom, and the body volume : 6m3, two-way compression structure, with dual sewage tanks on the rear side, the whole vehicle Hyprius cylinder, Japan Valqua seal ring, Hefei Changyuan complete hydraulic system (multi-way valve, gear pump), Siemens PLC one-key control system, Integrated flashlight operation mode with cab operation. The working principle of the Dongfeng 6-square compression garbage truck is: under the action of the oil cylinder, the garbage in the garbage can is automatically turned over and poured into the hopper, and the garbage in the box is compressed in both directions through the compression mechanism (compression mechanism: welded by steel plate and channel steel Composed of combined pressure plate, guide wheel and cylinder seat, etc.), compression cycle time: 25-30s, compression density: 0.6-0.8t/m3. The discharging mechanism of the Dongfeng 6-square compression garbage truck is composed of a discharging cylinder and a discharging push plate. The discharging push plate is welded by steel plates and brackets, and is positioned by a guide groove; transports the waste to a landfill or waste disposal After the station, the unloading push plate is pushed by the extension of the oil cylinder to discharge the garbage. The garbage unloading time: 40s.
Dongfeng 6-square compression garbage truck turning mechanism optional:
1. Hanging bucket turning mechanism.
2. Dustpan turning mechanism (the bucket can be installed in the bucket to flip, which can achieve two working modes of garbage bucket flip and hanging bucket flip).
3. Rear swing arm flip structure (for use with 2-4 square garbage hoppers).
4. The flip structure of the large landing bucket.