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JMC Blasting Equipment Transporter Price

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[Complete vehicle technical parameters]
Product Name: Explosive Equipment Transporter
The total mass (Kg):5880
Rated load quality (Kg): 2650
Service quality (Kg): 3100
Dimensions (mm): 5995×2000, 1950×2800
Carriage size (mm): 4200, 4000x1850x1730
Approach angle / departure angle (°): 15/15
Front suspension/rear suspension (mm): 1065/1570
Axial load (Kg): 2150/3730
The maximum speed (Km/h): 80

1.This car is suitable for transporting dangerous goods. The top of the compartment is closed and cannot be opened.
2.The vehicle is used to transport media with independent container packaging: black powder, explosives, electric detonators, explosives, fireworks, fireworks, etc., category number: 1.1B, 1.1D, 1.1G, 1.2G, 1.3G, 1.4G, etc. .
3.Protective material: Q235A carbon steel, connection method: the left and right side and the lower part of the protection are welded connection, the rear protection section size (mm): 100 × 50, rear protection from the ground height (mm): 420.
4.Only use the bottom plate and the RIS-based chassis, the front wheel disc brakes, front exhaust pipe, assembly speed limiting device, speed limit 80km / h.
5.Install a tachograph with satellite positioning. With the optional chassis cab. Optional side door type and position, optional rear hydraulic tailgate; carriage body color can be changed, text spray position can be changed.
6.When no side door can be installed, the vehicle width is 1950mm. The length of the rear hydraulic tail plate retracted state is 250mm.
7.The type of dangerous goods transport vehicle (EX/II vehicle type vehicle).


[chassis technical parameters]
Number of axes: 2
Wheelbase (mm): 3360
Number of tires: 6
Tire specification: 7.00R16LT 10PR
Number of leaf springs: 7/5+6
Front track (mm): 1385
Rear track (mm): 1425
Fuel Type: Diesel
Emission based on standard: euroV
Engine Model: JX493ZLQ5
Engine manufacturer: Jiangling Motors Co., Ltd.
Displacement (ml): 2771
Power (Kw): 85

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