During 2015-2016 JDF truck have export 469 sets fire trucks export to Philippine.

In the year 2009, JDF truck begin to participate in the Philippines fire truck project bidding, after more than five years and five public bid tendering, beat including the United States, Japan, Germany, Austria and many other Chinese competitors, JDF truck win the Philippine government 469 sets fire trucks tender.

After some sample fire trucks testing good , we get the order, Arrange production on time

Design and produce specially fire truck Aluminum alloy frame

Assembled Equipment tools

Finished production

1 ST Turn Over, August 7, 2015


Philippine government interior minister testing JDF truck fire trucks

Philippine government interior minister speech at the fire trucks turn over ceremony

2 ND Turn Over December 3, 2015

Philippines fire minister speech at the fire trucks turn over ceremony

3 RD Turn Over February 19, 2016

Philippine government leaders speech at the fire trucks turn over ceremony

Philippines fire minister met with JDF truck General Manager Mr Gan zilin

Philippine government leaders checking JDFtruck Fire trucks

Philippine government leaders test fire monitor

4 TH Turn over Fire truck, April 4th,2016

H.E. Benigno S. Aquino III Guest of Honor and Speaker QCMC,Quezon City

Philippine government President Aquino III give fire trucks keys to the end user.

 Now JDF truck have Set up 7/24 after-sales service and maintenance center in Manila , Philippine.


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