2018 New products list for fire truck

At 10 o’clock on the morning of March 23, 2018, the sky was clear. New products for the fire truck of Hubei Jiangnan Special Purpose Vehicle Co., Ltd. had been developed and are now being demonstrated in the parking lot.

Product series:2018 new ire truck list

Types Model Vehicle model Chassis model Remarks
Firefighting (Offroad 4*46*6) Beiqi Jeep JDF5020TXFQC06 BJ2022F7VNB 1. Equipment fire truck 2. Assembling water mist
Chase pickup (4*4) JDF5030TXFQC08 SH1032E6D5-P 1. Equipment fire truck 2. Assembling water mist
Jiangling pickup (4*4) JDF5021TXFQC06 JX1020 Water mist fire truck
Kama Fire (4*4) JDF5101GXFSG30 KMC2100A32P5 20 pump/30 pump
Dongfeng Fire Truck (Tip) (4*4) JDF5102GXFSG30 EQ2110HD5DJ 30 pump
Dongfeng Yuhu (6*6)) JDF5165GXFSG60 DFS5160GLJ 40 pump
Heavy Duty Fire (4*4) JDF5170GXFPM70 ZZ2187N5227E1 60 pump
Fire water truck Heavy Truck Single Bridge Water Supply Vehicle JDF5160GPSZ5 ZZ1167K501GE1 40 pump
Heavy truck before the four after the eight water vehicles JDF5310GPSZ5 ZZ1317N4667E1B 60 pump
Heavy truck four-wheel drive water truck (4*4) JDF5180GSSZ5 ZZ2187N5227E1 60 pump
Kama Water Supply (4*4) JDF5100GPSKM5 KMC2100A32P5 30 pump
Dongfeng Tip Water Supply Vehicle (4*4) JDF5110GPSEQ5 EQ2110HD5DJ 30 pump
Dongfeng Water Supply Vehicle (4*4) JDF5180GPSG5 EQ2180GD5DJ 40 pump
War Insurance Jiangling Transportation Carrier (4*4) JDF5060XYB5 JX6651T-N5 17 seats with warning lights and protective net
Jiangling ambulance JDF5030XJHJ1 JX6533P-M5
Jiangling rescue vehicle JDF5060TXFJY15 JX1061TSG25 Lifting lights, winches
Howo rescue vehicle JDF5160TXFJY40 ZZ5207TXFV471GE Lifting lights, winches
Car wash JDF5290TXFXX80 ZZ5347V4647E1 85
Qingling equipment fire truck JDF5070TXFQC12 QL1070A5KWY Equipment reprovisioning
After insurance Accident vehicle JDF5150TXFCS50 DFL5160XXYBX2V
Liberation Fire Fighting Vehicle JDF5040TXFXC04 CA1047P40K50L1BE5A84 Ordinary publicity vehicle
Qingling Fire Fighting Vehicle JDF5080TXFXC08 QL1100A8MAY Fire Fighting Car with Fire Fighting Universal Education AR System