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  • Isuzu Fire Truck, Fire Truck 2000L, Fire Fighting Truck
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Isuzu Fire Truck, Fire Truck 2000L, Fire Fighting Truck, Water Fire Truck

ISUZU Water Foam Fire Truck 2000L

ISUZU 100P Fire truck Engine Model 4JB1CN ,72 kw ,98HP, 2771CC,Water Tank can be 1000L to 2000L , if choose Foam tank ,the Foam Tank can do 500L to 1000L

2T ISUZU Fire Truck water foam tank fire truck 4X2 2000L

JDFtruck is the Chinese fire fighting truck manufacturer , ISUZU fire truck quality have beed approved by CCC and ISO9001:2000 quality certificate ,Contact us:

Our Isuzu Fire Truck, Fire Truck 2000L, Fire Fighting Truck have a wide range of chassis brand optional , different load volume to choose .

The specification of ISUZU 2000L fire fighting truck

Vehicle Name: ISUZU Water Foam Fire Truck Vehicle Category: ISUZU Fire Truck
Chinese Brand: ISUZU JDFTRUCK English brand :  ISUZU JDFTRUCK
Notice batch : 275 Exemption: No
Engine Engine Manufacturer Displacement (ml) Power (kw)
4JB1CN Chongqing ISUZU 2771 72
Engine brand : ISUZU Fuel type: Diesel (mm)
Dimensions: 6260×1980×2780(mm) Compartment Size : × × (mm)
The total mass : 6550(Kg) Payload: 0
Curb weight: 4350(Kg) Rated Quality: 1825(Kg)
Quality Trailer : (kg) Semitrailer saddle :
Rated capacity : ( People ) Cab seats : 2+3( People )
Approach / departure angle : 24/12(°) Front / rear overhang : 1015/1755(mm)
Axle load: 5270 / 9730 Wheelbase: 4500,4200 (mm)
Number of axes: 2 Maximum speed: 95(km/h)
Fuel consumption: Spring: 8/6+5
Number of tires : 6 Tire Size: 7.00-16 14PR,7.00R16 14PR
Front track: 1504 Rear track: 1425
Brake Front: After braking :
Built before the parade : After operating system :
Steering Type : Steering wheel Starting method:
Chassis Emission standard: GB3847-2005, GB17691-2005 National
Transmission Type: According to the standard :
Vin Vehicle Identification Number: LWLDNR3H×××××××××
Logo Enterprises : JDFtruck Release date: 20160919
Vehicle Notes : The car tank containing liquid 4050kg; tank capacity : 4.050 m3 ; tank dimensions ( L × W × H ): 2560 × 1250 × 1280 ( mm ); B class foam tank containing liquid 1950kg; tank volume: 1.726 m3 ; tank size ( length × width × height ): 1080 × 1250 × 1280 ( mm ); B class foam liquid density 1.13g/mL; firefighters at 75 kg / person calculation ; extension : 60mm ; side protection and rear underrun protection device material material : Q235, skirts structure ; rear underrun protection device ground clearance 477mm.

Isuzu Fire Truck, Fire Truck 2000L, Fire Fighting Truck Chassis

ISUZU truck chassis | ISUZU truck chassis QL10703HWRY
Company Name : ISUZU Motor Co., Ltd.
Chassis Type: QL10703HWRY Chassis Category: II
Product Name: Truck chassis Product Brand: ISUZU
Zip Code: 400052 Catalog number : 95
Specifications: Length:5900 Width: 1880 Height: 2220
Fuel Type: Diesel fuel According to the standard : GB17691-2005(Ⅳ),GB3847-2005
Steering Type : Steering wheel
Number of axes: 2 Wheelbase: 3360
Spring: 8/6+5 Number of tires : 6
Tire Size: 7.00-16 14PR,7.00R16 14PR Tread : Front track 1504 Rear track 1425
The total mass : 6725
Curb weight: 2150 Quality Trailer :
Semitrailer saddle : Front passenger : 2+3
Close to the departure angle: 24/16 Rear suspension : 1015/1525
Maximum speed: 95

Isuzu Fire Truck, Fire Truck 2000L, Fire Fighting Truck

ISUZU fire truck chassis | ISUZU fire truck chassis QL10703HWRY Engine Specification
Engine Model Engine Manufacturer Displacement (ML) Power (ML)
Identification code : LWLDNR3H×××××××××
Other: Can choose ABS ,The ABS Model Number JN244FB or APG3550500A4. Front fog lamps for the option . Elect mounted brake discs


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